Business Narratives

In a world made of media, if you want to be a player you need to master the art of Narratives. 

Today, from Government institutions to private citizen everyone of us needs not only a public profile but a public narratives that is able to report our actions in a meaningful organized form. 

With the coming of the social network era anyone has to be a journalist, a reporter, a photographer, an editor and a publisher. No one excluded. If you are a private citizen you don’t have to be professionally involved with narratives but if you are a company or a government institution you must possess a certain amount of knowledge about storytelling and its main rules. 

This is to say that the knowledge of narratives is helpful for those who have to deal with persuasion, whether you are a political party or you need to market a product, in both cases you need to write a story to persuade your potential and your existing audiences. 

Narrative has many applications, especially in today’s world where you are always on a permanent media stage, and while on a stage you have to apply the rules of the media theater and that's where storytelling and business narratives kick in.