About GLD Marketing

GLD Marketing was created by Gianluca D’Agostino, the Italian journalist and distinguished Narrative scholar.  


While working as Researcher at Stanford University for his Ph.D on Marketing of Narratives, D'Agostino developed a narrative model that was able to create empathy on the reader even with the use of very short sentences, a system that perfectly fits the business narrative needs. Our Business Narrative system is based on the pattern used in Hollywood Storytelling, in particular this empathy machine is based on the narrative structures used to involve the viewer in the Hollywood mainstream narrative formula. 

GLD Marketing adapted the power of Hollywood formula to the business narrative needs of today’s social networking reality which requires any of us to be journalist, editor, fact-checker and publisher.  

Besides his knowledge of narrative mechanism, D'Agostino perfecly knows the news machine mechanisms having worked for the major news orgazations in the industry like CNN and Associated Press

After his Ph.D and with the coming of Facebook, D'Agostino was first asked by his friends to help them with editing their personal profiles and their business pages. It was an instant success, He turned his Consultant activity into a real business and set up GLD Marketing.  

Today GLD Marketing is the Narrative Consultant of major Businesses and Government institutions that require the highest level of Narrative involvement due the everyday necessity for audience-catching copies at all levels. 

GLD Marketing eventually went much further D'Agostino achievement with his narrative pattern and even at today we are still involved with Research and Development in order to be on the edge of today's competitive narrative front. 

GLD Marketing is able to transform any company history into an intriguing involving Business Story.

Give GLD Marketing a try by asking a preliminary report over your company’s narrative status. 

We will provide you with an accurate statement and a Project Proposal. 

So your company will be able to organize your Business Narrative by providing your audience with an involving eye-catching story. So that when your customers will approach your company history,they will be literally caught by a fascinating, intriguing story which they won’t ever be able to forget. Ever.     

Leave your mark with your narrative, Let your audience be involved into your Legendary Business Story.